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Do I Need to Lose Weight? How do I Know?

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Many of us think that we need to lose weight. I mean, we think that we absolutely need to lose weight- either from a health and fitness standpoint or a beauty standpoint. 

And it is from this thought and this way of thinking that we are willing to try and go on all kinds of diet programmes and schemes that may or may not be good or even, healthy for us. We go to the gym and train like crazy. Eat like crazy. Don’t eat like crazy. Act crazy. All in an attempt to lose weight.

And the funny part is that most of the times (at least for me), people would ask, “Why are you trying to lose weight?” or “What are you even trying to lose?”. Sometimes they just blatantly tell me, “Are you crazy? You have nothing to lose! You want to turn out to be a stick?”.

Obviously, there is a disconnect between us and those around us and how they see us.

We may think that we really need to lose weight but others may not see the need. 

It may even be the opposite. We may think that we are a good weight and size and because we are affected by the words and reactions of others, we adopt the belief that we in fact need to lose weight.

The funny thing about this scenario is that the people around us can either be right (we need to lose a few pounds) or they can be wrong (we do not need to lose weight but are swayed by others).

As you can see, a lot of our decision to lose weight comes from within us but it is greatly affected by the views of those around us. Sometimes, we can be wrong and sometimes, others can be wrong.

The question is…How do we truly know if we need to lose weight? How do we know that it is absolutely necessary that we shed a couple pounds and not just influenced by our personal thoughts and the thoughts of those around us?



This is the first step in the entire process. And it is maybe the most important. 

I do say most important because it is in this step that you figure out whether you really need to lose weight or not. This goes beyond your personal opinion and the opinions of others to give you the facts…and only the facts… about the situation.

Basically, this assessment is an evaluation of your current weight and your weight history, as well as any medical conditions you may have or may have had, both separate from and relating to your weight. This can determine whether or not you should lose weight or if weight loss is recommended.

There are many guides which help us to get a general idea of our weight status and these can be useful in our assessments.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Height and Weight Charts
  • Waist- Hip Ratio (WHR)


Sometimes, the best guide is your body itself. Signs or the presence of diseases which are caused by an excess of fat in the body can be an indicator of needed weight loss. In this case, weight loss would be necessary to mitigate or eliminate the effects of the disease. And of course, taking this course of action sooner rather than later would be better.

For example, the risks of high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol all increase as our body fat and body weight increases. If someone is overweight and has two or more of these conditions, weight loss is highly recommended. 

This is a funny but all too true thing. You may not have these diseases, but your family history (if anyone in your family has developed these diseases) can be a good indicator that it may be necessary to pay attention to your weight and take the steps to manage it.


Assessing whether you need to lose weight may be tricky, especially if you are like me and are a little skeptical about the different guides and tests that say you need to lose weight but have so many discrepancies associated with them. My advice to you (if that is you) is to consult your doctor and see what he/ she says. 


I know this is a short post but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to deciding whether or not you should shed to a couple of pounds. But I hope it has given you some insight into what you should and can consider when you think you may need to lose weight. It’s not only about relying on what you think or what others think but getting the facts about the situation.

Stay tuned for other posts where I get deeper into the assessment of weight loss!



14 thoughts on “Do I Need to Lose Weight? How do I Know?

  • Very interesting post. Thank you for making an interesting observation regarding the correlation between our own image and the way others see us. From your article, I can see how the assessment would play a very important role as being a first stage of this entire process. Thank you for the helpful information.

  • It’s true that we talk about losing weight a lot in our daily conversations and it appears that everyone needs to regardless if they need to or not. Thanks for sharing that assessment and getting to the truth of this matter.

  • Lol I can so related to your words.
    There have been so many incidents in my life where people (especially elders) would say ‘start eating something, you’ll become a matchstick”.
    while on the other hand, there have been instances in which my friend would point out “your belly is coming out”

    To be honest, I always give attention to what I feel about my body and my weight. BMI assessment has been a part of my life, be it in the case of weight loss or weight gain.

    But after reading your post I came to know about 2 more ways, Height and Weight Charts and Waist- Hip Ratio (WHR), something that I was completely unaware about.

    Thanks a lot for writing this post and thanks a lot for making it personal. And a third thanks for giving me 2 news ways for assessing whether I need to lose weight or not.

  • Thank you for your insight into the fact that so many other opinions made by others in regard to how we look, does reflect in our decision about our own looks. Even if we don’t realize it, some of us make that decision unconsciously even if we don’t think others opinions matter.
    Look forward to all your posts.

    • Exactly! That is why it is so important that we know for ourselves…for sure! Thank you for reading and excited for you to read other posts!

  • Hi,
    This is so true,i know myself i deffo am not comfortable with my weight but some people have said you are not fat, i have said back to them i have got fat in places you cant see and me myself i know where it is, thats the time you dont go mad you just stand back and eat a little healthier.
    Like you say its only you that knows your own body.
    I dont know if you can answer this but is it true with your build can you take after either your mother or father?as my mum was a small build then she did get quite big, my father has stayed slim, i do worry because i really dont want to take after my mum by being big.
    Thanks for this information it really makes you stand back and look at things 🙂

    • Hey there, Sharon, Thank you so much for your comment. I think I may be in the same situation- worrying about getting to be the size of my mother. As like yours, my mother used to be slim when she was younger but now she has put on a great bit of weight. When I was younger, people would tell me that I was beginning to look like my mother, in the sense of my weight and that has stuck with me all these years. However, while I do believe and studies suggest that your body weight as well as type may be influenced by your genetics, for the most part, your personal choice plays a big role. So don’t stress about it. Maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise and fight those genes!

  • Thank you for a very informative and thought provoking article. For me weight loss is all about how I look and how I feel. Health is a major “player” when it comes to deciding whether or not to lose weight, for sure. Maybe it’s like everything else in life, balance. Listen to those who are close to us and also let our conscience be our guide. Are we happy in our own skin.

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