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How to Overcome Discouragement… These Quotes Will Tell You.

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Are you at that point in your weight loss where you just feel like giving up? Where everything you do does not seem to be working? Where you feel like you have failed and are unable to get back up and keep going?

Trust me, I know how you feel. I know what it is like to be absolutely fed up of eating healthily and exercising…to feel like I have reached nowhere or I am nowhere close to where I want to be. To give up hope of a state of health and body that I can be proud of and pleased with.

This may be you. In fact, you may be on the verge of quitting and giving up all you have accomplished. And even, quitting on what you can possibly accomplish…those things you cannot see now but are undeniably there in the future.

What has helped me in these situations are words of encouragement…words that let me know that I am capable of so much more than I have accomplished and more than that, words that give me guidance. 

I have found two great quotes that I hope can help you too.


Being optimistic when you feel like you are failing or have failed is not the easiest thing in the world. You may even feel as though it will kill you. But in order to get the resolve to continue in spite of your current situation, you need to look forward. And not only look forward but look forward with great expectations. You need to expect that something great is in store for you if you persevere to the end…and something is! 


Again, this may be hard…believing in yourself. However, it is necessary. You are amazing! You are capable! You can do above and beyond what you set out to do. Yes, it may not seem like that now but that is where belief comes in. Force yourself if you have to but believe. Once you have that belief, action will follow and you will find success in no time!


I hope this short but sweet post gives you a little motivation to carry on…to push past your current circumstance to reach your goal. Leave me a comment and tell me how you encourage yourself to go on when it is the hardest.

12 thoughts on “How to Overcome Discouragement… These Quotes Will Tell You.

  • Thank’s for this positive literature. It doesn’t really matter what I want to achieve, a good portion of confidence is always helpful. I call it think positive, don’t let bad thoughts get hand of me.
    I can do it, is something I have to tell me every day.

    • I love it! I definitely believe that this thinking will help you overcome so many obstacles that nothing would be out of your reach!

  • Good encouragement.I also found that developing a competitive nature always gives me the edge on anything I am doing. It always gives me determined desire to overcome whatever obstacle I am facing. It too is not easy to do but it is very effective. Kepp inspiring. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the short and sweet article. I love the two quotes. Though it is targetted to weight loss, I believe it encompasses all aspect of our daily lives. I have been discouraged a lot of times, lost my self-esteem, pushed myself to the limit to the point of giving up, and doubted myself. It is, however, the optimism for a better tomorrow, a hope that everything will be fine as long as I trust myself, that kept me going. As for weight loss, I actually felt discouraged too on that aspect, but then again, I was patient and just believed that I will manage regaining back my confidence. Again, thanks for this =)

  • Hi Lindsey,

    I love what you said. I think it can be applied to anything that someone is trying to achieve in life. Yes, discouragement never helps and we are our worst critics. I love that you keep at it because that is what matters. I am in a constant battle with sugar that is my main problem and every day I do my best to succeed at the goals I set forth for myself. Being optimistic and positive is one of the best tools to have. Thanks for your encouragement, Lindsey. Keep it up!!!


    • Oh, I struggle with sugar as well, especially desserts. I am glad that you are able to succeed in that area. It is tough. Keep positive, you will continue to overcome!

  • This is such an inspirational website. The ups and downs of dieting is so frusterating to many women of all ages. I think the truth of weight loss is you have to fix yourself first. That is easier said than done. I have also been on many diets and have not been successful. If I am honest with myself, and now the world, its because I never dug done to see what the problem is that I keep consuming the food that I know is not fuel for my body. Self esteem and motivation is the key.

    • Hey Michelle, I appreciate what you say about the truth of weight loss being a change in self at first. Because with all the changes that must be maintained like diet and exercise, it takes a really strong mindset of established self esteem, motivation and overcoming disappointment to overcome the process of weight loss.

  • Thanks for such an encouraging post for a huge topic. So many people struggle with this and just can’t see the big picture and the patience needed to fulfill a weight loss goal. Hopefully, this bit of encouragement will help someone go one more day….one more week, etc. until they reach their goals. Thanks.

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